Learn iOS 9 App Development from Scratch for Free  - Eduonix Free Courses

Learn iOS 9 App Development from Scratch for Free - Eduonix Free Courses

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Learn how to make iOS 9 apps, using Swift Programming basics. Understand how to create a ToDo list app, Back end functions, Integrating UI with Xcode. etc


Apple has become an important name in digital world, with its line of smartphones, tablets and even smart watches.
The devices are powered by the companies very own herculean operating system, the iOS9. The new features offered in the latest iteration requires new apps to cater to these devices.
No idea how to build an app though? No problem! This is where this mini project course comes in.
The course will teach you how to create an app for iOS 9 from scratch, along with teaching you important fundamentals of iOS 9 and Swift programming.
The course will help you design a ToDo App from scratch, including learning how to design a mock-up, create a UI in Sketch and then bring that app to life with XCode. From the basic mock-up to the actual app, the course will include everything in between.
In addition to developing the front-end of the app, you will also learn how to make the app fully functional by adding core data, a back-end set up to support the data, and even include the ability to click and select options.
You will gain great insights and even pick up some great tips for when it comes translating a mock-up into codes for the app.
In this course, you will learn:
Design a mock-up for a ToDo list app Select and apply a color scheme Learn how to translate the mock-up into XCode Create a clean and functional UI for your app Support your app with back-end functions Integrate the UI seamlessly into XCode This course is just the stepping stone to making much better and complex apps. So, what are you waiting for?! Let us get started.

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