Advanced Android Apps with Kotlin - Udacity Free Courses

Advanced Android Apps with Kotlin - Udacity Free Courses

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Sign up for Udacity's free Advanced Android App with Kotlin class and learn how to develop feature-rich Android apps using the Kotlin programming language.


Go beyond the basics of building an Android app with "Advanced Android with Kotlin". This course teaches you how to add a range of advanced features to your app, starting with best practices for using Android's notification system. You'll learn how to create and clip custom views, draw directly to a canvas, and add animations to your apps. You'll also add maps to your apps and learn to style them. Testing an app is as important as building it, so you'll learn to test your app to catch and fix bugs so that users never see them. Finally, you'll learn how to let users login to your app with their existing accounts—you'll be surprised how little code it takes.

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