NFT for Dummies - Udemy Free Coupon

NFT for Dummies - Udemy Free Coupon

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Crash course in the basics of creating and trading NFTs as a digital asset


Dear students and others interested in Non- Fungible Tokens,

Whereas most NFT courses highlight technological components, our course introduces NFTs from both the IT and financial / legal perspective. It is a how-to user guide that covers trading in the NFT markets, understanding the legal issues involved with NFTs (non - fungible tokens), and the technological solutions that NFT can offer in order to create what is called a DIGITAL ASSET.
Our unique selling point (USP) in this course is that we may introduce to you the NFT as a Tradable Digital Asset.

The following are the modules that we present to you:
Chapter one – Tokenization
Chapter two – Ownership
Chapter three – Trading
Chapter four – Smart-contracts
Chapter five – Technical
Chapter six – How to sell your NFT

If you study the modules carefully you will understand not only how to create non-fungible tokens but also how they can be traded, leveraged, or sold together with smart contracts.
A small case study and a small test on the materials will test your competence after your study.
The course is a crash course which means that it only takes one and a half hours of your time in order to see a result.
Good luck!

- U2 CAN NFT -

The NFT Guys
George & Robert
Who this course is for: People who want to know more about NFTs Artists that want to sell their art as NFTs Artists that want to create the artworks of tomorrow People interested in investing in NFTs Students that are searching for a career in a newly created field Tech enthusiasts

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