Free Software Testing Tutorial - ASP.NET Core Testing Mini Course - Udemy Free Coupon

Free Software Testing Tutorial - ASP.NET Core Testing Mini Course - Udemy Free Coupon

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With examples in ASP.NET Core. - Free Course


ASP.NET Core Testing Tutorial - learn about testing software and writing unit tests for an ASP.NET Core Web API.

The technologies used are:
• ASP.NET Core Web API
• xUnit

The IDE used is Visual Studio 2022 preview.
The .NET version is .NET 6.

So I'm Ruben and it's my goal to help people learn software development with C# and .NET and I do that by creating educational content about it.
I have taken a lot of online programming courses myself and while taking them I often had ideas on how I'd communicate the things they're teaching differently.
I bundled all those ideas I had and implemented them in this course. One of them is seeing the teacher's face. I learn better when I see a teacher's face, so I'll actually show my face in all the lectures. Second, I am going to write out all the code that matters, so no annoying copy pasting of important logic and third no annoying "I have made some progress off camera.". There won't be any gaps I've done off camera between lectures.

The best learning strategy I have personally found (having been in the IT field for 7 years now as a student, employee and entrepreneur) is to learn some theory and then putting that into practice as soon as possible. This really cements the new information into my brain. So I teach people using this same strategy.
This way of teaching allows my students to get a lot of value from my courses and the people paying for your skills will notice you'll have a deep understanding of your stack. This will lead to you growing faster in your career, which in turn allows you to earn more money.
Who this course is for: Software developers that want to learn more about testing, examples are shown in ASP .NET.

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