Free Tailwind CSS Tutorial - TailwindCSS 2 - Learn TailwindCSS for Beginners - Udemy Free Coupon

Free Tailwind CSS Tutorial - TailwindCSS 2 - Learn TailwindCSS for Beginners - Udemy Free Coupon

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Learn one of the best utility-first frameworks on the web - Free Course


Are you tired of using CSS3 and styling everything yourself? Well, you are at the right place because this course will be a complete Tailwind 2 tutorial.
Tailwind is a utility-first framework that will make your life so much easier because it is packed with classes.
In this video, we’ll be setting up Tailwind, going over fonts, colors, alignment, background colors, gradients, images, padding, margin, grid, flexbox, hover, animations, transitions and transformation.
Next to that, we’re going to dive into responsive designs, and how to customize Tailwind. At the end of the course, you’ll be learning how you can purge your Tailwind CSS file since it’s almost 5MB!
We won’t be creating projects in here, but we will simply cover important topics in that you need to know before starting to use TailwindCSS. This is a video series I have created for my YouTube channel but I thought I’d add it to Udemy.

This course is for:
· Anyone that wants to learn Tailwind
· Students that are tired of using CSS3 and want to use something which is a lot easier
· Web Designers
· Anyone who wants to make beautiful designs

After completing this course, you will know everything you need to design your websites in Tailwind.
Who this course is for: Beginners that want to learn web design

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