Free Gardening Tutorial - The Gardening Calendar - Udemy Free Coupon

Free Gardening Tutorial - The Gardening Calendar - Udemy Free Coupon

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What to do each month in the garden - Free Course


Welcome to this course on how to keep your garden looking at its best every month of the year.
Keeping on top of the gardening jobs can be daunting, and it’s all too easy to let things slide in one area or another for a month or two.
The answer is to keep a detailed checklist of jobs that need doing in each month of the year, and that’s what this course is all about.
This course is aimed at all gardeners, from complete beginners to more advanced gardeners, to help you to keep on top of what needs doing in your garden. I’ve collected the most useful tasks to do for each month and given a brief description of how to do each one and why, it covers all aspects of gardening, from small plants and shrubs, though to beautiful flowers and many vegetables.
Use this guide at the start of each month, make notes and then put the tips into practice for a beautiful garden year-round.
You'll get plenty of hints and tips on what to do in the garden and how to keep everything from flowers and plants to fruit and vegetables growing at its very best.
Who this course is for: Anybody who has an interest in gardening, at any level and any size

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