Free Laravel Tutorial - Laravel Jetstream B2B Project Setup - Udemy Free Coupon

Free Laravel Tutorial - Laravel Jetstream B2B Project Setup - Udemy Free Coupon

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Laravel professional course series Part 1 - Free Course


Hello my friends,
you probably already know that Laravel is the best PHP framework in the world.
This course is for programmers who want to learn about Laravel Jetstream and more.
Together we will do the setup for a B2B multi tenancy e-commerce application with Laravel Jetstream.
Apart from getting an insight into Laravel Jetstream you also will learn quite a few advanced tricks and features of Laravel itself.
Also we will install an AMAZING Dashboard Theme for your business's admin area.
After the course you will master the following:
Laravel Jetstream HowTos + Knowledge
Installation of Jetstream
Change Logos + Favicon and App Title in Jetstream
Activate E-Mail-Verification in Jetstream
How to upload profile images in Jetstream
Integration of Bootstrap AdminLTE Dashboard (parallel to Tailwind CSS)
General Laravel features
Laravel Routes - Deeper Insight
Soft Deletes
Advanced Database Seeding
Working with stubs
Working with global scopes
Blade Templating
Who is this course for?
This course is not a dedicated beginners course, that means that I will not explain basic programming concepts like the MVC-Pattern here that Laravel uses.
However you can still master this course even as a Laravel Beginner as long as you have some advanced experience with PHP.
Everything is documented, you will get:
A complete detailed documentation on every lecture
Full source code of the project for every lecture on GitHub
A bunch of How-To Cheat Sheets

The larger picture: Your way to become a Laravel Professional
This course is Part 1 of a larger course series that I am creating. The master plan here is that I want to guide you all the way from being a Laravel "Experimenter" to becoming a Laravel Master.
The overall focus of this series is the creation of professional business applications. This is a skillset that is highly needed in the industry.

I am looking very much forward of seeing you in the course!
Who this course is for: PHP programmers who intend to work with the Laravel framework professionally

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