Learning Linux with Ubuntu and CentOS: The Easy Way - Udemy Free Coupon

Learning Linux with Ubuntu and CentOS: The Easy Way - Udemy Free Coupon

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Why not give Linux a try, its Free, Fun, Highly Stable and Free Of Viruses - Free Course


In 2001, when I started my career as Telecom Professional, I could barely manage MS Windows. All I knew was how to Power it on and do basic tasks like making Presentation, Word Document and take print outs. Oh Yea! I could also make my way into putting on Video CDs and playing occasional games (NFS, FIFA). Since then, a lot has changed in the world of Operating Systems and in turn for me as well. After my first interaction with Linux in 2002, I've continued on this path and every day, my passion for Linux just gets deeper.
If you are also searching for an alternate Operating System with decades of developments, a system that does not do funny things (read annoying), where ending a process really mean killing it, which is extremely fast to boot and shutdown, which does not invite world of malwares, viruses and Trojans, a system that has got a highly thriving and vibrant community, and which is Free to use and distribute, then my friends Welcome! to the World of Linux.
In this course, I will show you two major flavors (distributions) of Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS. You will be able to:
1. Install and Manage Ubuntu
2. Install and Manage CentOS
3. How to update your system
4. Use everyday / common applications
5. Become a NIX user in just couple of hours
6. Just have fun with your new OS
((First step towards LPIC-1 certification training course that I've uploaded here on Udemy ))
This course is general purpose and is suitable for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a student, a techie or a businessman with little to nil knowledge of Operating Systems, I will take your hand and help you in your journey to the Awesome World of Linux that operates “From wristwatches to supercomputers,”. So, without further delay, click on take this course and join the ride.
Who this course is for: This course is for anybody and everybody who own a PC / laptop

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