Burp Suite: In Depth Survival Guide - Udemy Free Coupon

Burp Suite: In Depth Survival Guide - Udemy Free Coupon

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Master The Art Of Burp Suite Now


This course forms both the basics and advanced use cases of Burp Suite into an easy to use an reference survival guide with video file and full text PDF with screenshot for reference.
If you really want to test your skills you can take one of the gruelling quizzes that will make you think twice (At the very least) before you submit an answer.
All this combined with practical examples in the video files will make sure you know burp suite like your back pocket.
PortSwigger has designed a lot beautifull labs for use which we will use to illustrate the pratical usage of burp suite.
This is not your average video course. I am here to go fast and break things. The teaching industry can use a new wind!
Every tab in burp suite gets treated in a chapter
Every chapter contains
a video file
a PDF with a full text on the video topic
A PDF with my top 5 Community and top 5 Pro edition extensions
A PDF explaining how Authorize works so you can test for IDORs and BAC
A PDF explaining how the proxy option "Match and replace" can be used to our advantage
Who am i?
I am The XSS Rat, also known as Wesley. I created infosec tutorials and courses in a unique way. It's my opinion that a teacher should be able to bring knowledge in an inspirational way but also make sure that knowledge is retained. This is a very unique challenge requiring out of the box thinking. My courses never just consist of a video or video + PDF only format. Courses should be interactive and not just boring reads of powerpoint slides.
Who this course is for: Companies looking to train their employees in burp suite usage Bug bounty hunters trying to level up their Burp Understanding Profesional Pentesters looking to get the most of Burp Suite

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