Zero to Hero hands-on mastery on HTML5 JavaScript & ES6 - Udemy Free Coupon

Zero to Hero hands-on mastery on HTML5 JavaScript & ES6 - Udemy Free Coupon

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Become a pro HTML5 and modern JavaScript developer by implementing every concepts through project based learning


If you have been always thinking about learning web development or you have been thinking of becoming full-stack developer then this is the course that will not just teach you rather make you implement each and every concept of HTML5, JavaScript, ES6 like a pro.
You will learn every concepts by doing projects.
Many of the students just shy away from frontend technologies because they think it's not their cup of tea, but this course will break that perception and will make you a developer by teaching you how to implement the concepts without the need of being remembering anything.
The topics that will be covered in the course are:
Introduction to web development
Client-server architecture
Three-tier architecture
What is HTML
What is CSS
What is JavaScript
Local development environment setup with industry-standard tools
Plugins and techniques to speed up development
Debugging skills
Structure of HTML page
HML tag and concept of attributes
Various components of HTML document
Meta tag and its importance
Head tag
Link tag
Script tag
Display tags like h1 until h6
Display tags like paragraph, span, division, label
Inline vs block elements
How to use Entities in HTML
Navigation via an anchor tag
Button tag
Loading images on your website
Different utility tags to make text bold, italics emphasize
Listing tags like ul, ol
Layout tag like table
How to create Registration form in HTML
Various form tags in HTML like
Different types of input tag
File uploading
Creating dropdown with different options
Writing address in textarea
Header and Footer tag
Section and Article tag
Video and Audio tag
Loading various websites inside Iframe tag
Much more
You will get the complete source code so that if you get any doubts anywhere you can just refer the source code.
This course not only covers different topics of Html5, JavaScript and ES6 from scratch but also has many projects and real-world scenarios that will make a real modern JavaScript developer.
Following are the topics that will be covered in this Javascript Mastery course:
Setup Installation
JavaScript Introduction
ECMAScript evolution
Different types of Data types in Javascript
Variables & Constants
Different types of Comments in Javascript
Various Operators and their working on Operands
String and String manipulation
What is Variable Scoping
Control statement like if, else, switch-case-break
Loops - for, for of, forEach, while, do-while
Working with Arrays
Working with Objects
What are Functions and how to create custom functions and call them
What is the use of Prompt
What is the use of Confirm
What is the use of Alert
What is Document Object Model(DOM)
DOM manipulation using Javascript
Event and Event Listener
Set Timeout and Set Interval
Clear Timeout and Clear Interval
Date and Time operation and using its various methods
Working with Math Object
Working with JSON
Window and document object
location and history
localStorage and sessionStorage
Calling API with Fetch
What is the Ternary operator and how to use it.
What is the Array Filter function and how to use it.
Debugging and Troubleshooting in JavaScript
Template literals (Template strings) in ES6
Object Destructuring assignment in ES6
let and const
Spread operator
Arrow function expressions
We will also do Multiple projects in order to understand different concepts.
You will also get the complete source code of the whole course
Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to learn about frontend development and want to become a true Frontend Developer

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