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Discover Python - Udemy Free Coupon

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Programming fundamentals for beginners with Python


There are a ton of programming resources available online but it is very difficult to find those resources that help you understand and retain programming concepts as a beginner. Most of those resources focus on learning coding syntax instead of teaching the computational thinking behind it as well. This course addresses the aforementioned problems and helps you learn programming by employing the following teaching methods:
1. We use 4MAT teaching style that goes through a whole learning process of experiencing, conceptualizing, applying and refining and is a product of years of research to ensure quality learning
2. We provide you with on-demand help if you get stuck anywhere. Feel free to reach out to us through Udemy messaging or discussion forums!
3. We will constantly be updating our course content as we receive feedback from you to make sure that we are evolving for the better.
4. Before starting off with learning a particular programming concept, we use flow charts and different analogies to explain the computational thinking and the logical concepts behind it. This will not only help learn the concept in a better way but will also help you with debugging your code in future
5. You will be able to apply the concepts learned in this course to create a Google-like search engine of your own! Hence after completing this course, you will already have a project ready to put on your portfolio. The best part is that you will not be alone in that journey and we will be helping you throughout.
We hope to see you soon with us!
Who this course is for: Beginners Python Programming curious about its applications Computer Science College/University Students Freelancers

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