Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures in C++ - Udemy Free Coupon

Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures in C++ - Udemy Free Coupon

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A step-by-step guide with solved problems. I'm teaching visually with lots of examples. - Free Course


***Big update - Dynamic programming***
Fibonacci sequence Dynamic programming How to spot recurrence relations? 0/1 Knapsack problem Stack Check parenthesis expression Queue "I learned a lot of things from this course. The GOLD trick was awesome." Arpan P.
"I started thinking about problems in a more efficient way..." Mokshagna S.
"It's deep, rich in information, consistent and dense" Laurentiu M.
"It's a very good course, it focuses on building your concept." Saransh S.
"Awesome, it's just awesome" Yazan R.

I'm a competitive programmer, World Finalist in Google HashCode algorithmic challenge, and a 3x Gold Medalist in the Computing Olympiad C/C++. You will learn fundamentals Algorithms & Data structures fast and the knowledge will resist because I teach you using visual examples.
You will get my advice every time you need it! Just message me.

If you know the basics of C++, this course suits you perfectly !
I've designed this course to take you down a guided learning path. You will find some GOLD tricks sprinkled throughout the course that will help you become an algorithmic ninja!
What can you take from me ?
I have spent 5 years of my life learning this topic by myself. You have the possibility to take my knowledge for granted! I'm teaching in the way I learnt: with illustration and examples.
My Promise to You
Algorithms and Data structures brought me success and immense satisfaction. I created this course to share my knowledge with you because I love this topic and I promise to teach you with enthusiasm! If you need support, I will be just a message away.
My Approach
Practice, practice and more practice. After each lecture, I will guide you to solve little problems! The most important thing you can obtain from this course is to think like a problem solver!
Who this course is for: You, if you don't know where to start. You, if you watched many YouTube videos without understanding! You, if you want to learn Algorithms & Data Structures fast! You, if you want to solve algorithmic problems!

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