Cybersecurity Training for New Hires: By Next Dimension - Udemy Free Coupon

Cybersecurity Training for New Hires: By Next Dimension - Udemy Free Coupon

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Stand out from the crowd as you enter the workforce! Practice Good Cyber Hygiene. - Free Course


Next Dimension has teamed up with KnowBe4 and Build A Dream to create this online cybersecurity best practices course.
This course will help you practice good cyber hygiene as you enter the workforce in a co-op, internship, or entry level capacity. In this course we cover lessons in Password Management, Malware in the Workplace, and Email and Attachments.
Password Management: do you know how to create a strong password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess?
Malware in the Workplace: do you know what to look for? How can you keep yourself protected from fishy activity?
Email and Attachments: these are two critical elements used hundreds of times a day. They are also one of the easiest ways to infiltrate a corporate network if the infected email reaches an uneducated target!
Take a screen grab of your completed course and add it to your resume. Stand out from the resume crowd and show potential employers that you know how to practice good cyber hygiene on their corporate network!
Next Dimension is a leading CIO Strategist firm with a proven strategic roadmap framework. We work with private organizations across North America to encourage Digital Leadership, complete their Digital Transformation, and manage Digital Optimization. More information about Next Dimension can be found at Next Dimension Inc dot com.
Who this course is for: Recent graduates entering the workforce

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