Introduction to Data Virtualisation - Udemy Free Coupon

Introduction to Data Virtualisation - Udemy Free Coupon

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Foundations of Data Virtualisation for complete beginners - Free Course


Data is most likely your organization's most valuable asset, yet many struggle with fragmented data landscapes with streaming, structured, semi-structured and aggregated data sitting across a range data sources. Data Virtualisation removes the need to physically move this data to a central repository for exploration and analysis and acts as a single, unified access point for users to query and manipulate data across a range of data sources.

Organisations across various sectors like Financial Services, Telecommunication, IT, Mass Media, and Pharmaceutical are applying data Virtualisation technology to realise their data strategies and digital transformation. Analysts are predicting even wider adoption of Data Virtualisation, in fact Gartner has estimated that by the end of 2022 around 60% of organisations will implement Data Virtualisation as a key delivery style in their data integration architectu

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