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Software architecture - Udemy Free Coupon

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Architecture is an important engineering step in the design and creation of software


The architecture describes the processes and structures of the entire project, determining the data throughput in different parts of the project, and allows you to optimize and scale the project in the future.
Good architects are often people who learn from even better architects. Perhaps this is because some conceptual requirements are inherent in almost all projects. Each conceptual requirement is formulated as a question that the architect must ask himself during the project. Of course, some systems may have their own additional critical conceptual requirements.
We will get to know the types of software architectures. We will be able to create our own simple software architecture. We will be able to use and expand the software architecture. As a result, this course will be useful not only for architects or people who plan to become one. And, technical leaders of the development group, developers of different levels and testers.
In first section, I reveal the main objective of the course. ‚ÄčIn second section you will be introduced to the types of software architectures. In third section you will be able to create his own simple software architecture. In forth section you will be able to use and extend the software architecture. In fifth section the nuances of software architecture will be considered. Six section will help you understand which part of the course will be most useful to you.
Course Topics and Structure:
1. Introduction
2. Familiarity with software architecture.
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Principles of software architecture.
2.3 The content of the architecture.
2.4 Static structural diagrams.
2.5 Dynamic diagrams.
2.6 Conclusions.
3. Creation of software architecture.
3.1 Introduction
3.2 How to start creating software architecture.
3.3 The interface and what it should describe.
3.4 Interaction of components and objects.
3.5 Database. Content, objects, interaction.
3.6 Dynamic diagrams, how to do and why you need them.
3.7 Conclusions.
4. Support and use of software architecture.
4.1 Introduction
4.2 What to do with the software architecture after its creation.
4.3 Helpful information for the programmer on software architecture.
4.4 Support of software architecture.
4.5 Extending the software architecture.
4.6 Conclusions.
5. Software architecture. Next level.
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Summary of the main structures.
5.3 Impact of software architecture on the future life of software.
5.4 A software architect is not a profession, but a calling.
5.5 Twelve architecture mistakes.
5.6 Conclusions.
6. Conclusions and results of the course. Summing up.

Who this course is for: A course for professionals who want to expand their knowledge of software architecture

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