Mobile App Marketing for Absolute Beginners - Udemy Free Coupon

Mobile App Marketing for Absolute Beginners - Udemy Free Coupon

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In App marketing, push notification marketing, paid marketing, email marketing, App store optimization (ASO) and more.


Mobile app marketing is quite important to get a huge user base and to get the ultimate revenue from a mobile app.
This course organized as
In-App Marketing (Low cost but very effective)
Build virality into your app
How virality in the mobile app works?
Best practices of virality
More Apps
Update = $$
In-App graphical banner Ad (cross-promotional)
Push Notification (Army for better app marketing)
Why you should care about push notification?
What is a push notification?
Push notification best practices
Analysis of a push message
Advantage of push notification over SMS
SMS vs. Email vs. Push Notification
ASO Basics
Base components of ASO
Importance of ASO | Why we should learn ASO
ASO Principles
ASO Keyword Research Process
The whole ASO Keyword research process in 10 steps
Utilize long-tail keyword
A practical example of ASO tools for Keyword Research like Appannie, SensorTower
Practical case study ASO in Apps & Games
Practical ASO Implementation along with cool tricks in
App Title
Keyword Field
App Description
App Short Description
App Icon
App Screen Shots
App Localization
App Preview Video
Review & Rating
Difference factor regarding ASO in Market Places
Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store
Email marketing (For better app engagement)
Why did email marketing need to get more downloads?
Add an email subscription form to your app
Create mobile-friendly email content
Video content in email performs far better result
Paid Marketing
Before paid marketing, ensure these points
Get positive reviews from high traffic websites
Know the type of ads for mobile apps
Know marketing terms for mobile advertisers
Know which advertiser suits best for your app/game
Social Network Marketing
Why Facebook for mobile app marketing
Facebook ads statistics
Focus on business goal + reflect
Facebook Ad analysis for mobile targeted user base
Analysis of install ads: perfect choice for mobile apps
Facebook contest: Effective marketing approach for mobile apps
Why Twitter for mobile marketing
YouTube marketing
Who this course is for: Mobile App Marketers Entrepreneurs Mobile App Business Owners

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