Bootstrap 5 Crash Course 2022 - Udemy Free Coupon

Bootstrap 5 Crash Course 2022 - Udemy Free Coupon

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A quick start guide for Bootstrap 5 with its core components - Free Course


This course will explain the Bootstrap 5. This is a Quick start guide to Bootstrap 5 This course will help the beginners and professionals to gain practical knowledge.
Myself NAVEEN SAGGAM , I am the owner of UiBrains Technologies YouTube channel. This course is designed to help you in learning the complete JavaScript programming language. This course suits to both the beginners & professionals. This course is unique and it contains each concept with a practical example to make understand in a better manner and this will also provides you a hands on experience. All the concepts explained here are by me are the best of my knowledge and experience in the subject.
This course is a quick jumpstart on the most popular frontend framework called Bootstrap. This course will boost your interest in learning Bootstrap with fun and interesting examples on most of the topics which will improve your confidence in Bootstrap. This will also provides a hands on experience on Bootstrap.
This Course will cover the following concepts of Bootstrap.
1. Introduction to Bootstrap Course.
2. Course requirements & Background.
3. Bootstrap Configuration
4. Typography in Bootstrap
5. Alerts in Bootstrap
6. Badges in Bootstrap
7. Buttons in Bootstrap
8. Cards components in Bootstrap
9. Carousel component in Bootstrap
10. A Restaurant website development in Bootstrap
Who this course is for: For beginners who wants to jump start with Bootstrap 5

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