Robotics Computer Programming - PTZ Camera Control Course - Udemy Free Coupon

Robotics Computer Programming - PTZ Camera Control Course - Udemy Free Coupon

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Introduction to computer programming for robotics using HTML, Javascript, Node.js, and Python with PTZOptics cameras - Free Course


This course reviews computer programming languages used to control the robotic movements of PTZOptics cameras. Students will learn multiple methods of remotely controlling robotic actions with a sample IP connected PTZ camera. Using IP protocols and connectivity methods, students will use standard programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, C, and C++, to take control of precision robotics. This course will be presented in a “flipped classroom” style, with online learning materials and in-classroom discussion topics. Please reference the PTZOptics Robotics Grant Program at the end of this booklet for more information about obtaining a PTZOptics camera for this course.
Below is a list of programming languages discussed in this course:
C (Coming Soon)
C++ (Coming Soon)
Visual Basic (Coming Soon)
Each unit of this course will review a different programming language. Each programming language unit will include a review video discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each programming method as they relate to robotic control. Each segment will consist of a C4 (Camera Control Coding Challenge) segment which will be used for students to test their knowledge on each subject. Finally, in-classroom discussion topics are provided for the full “flipped classroom” experience. Students are encouraged to watch the Geek Out Podcast session with concluding thoughts with the course authors, available in the include online Udemy learning course.
Programming Language Overview
Example Code Review
Lesson Plans - Camera Control Coding Challenge
Podcast Geek Out Session - Discussion Topics

By the end of the PTZOptics Robotics Computer Programming Course, students will have a better understanding of common computer programming languages used for remotely controlling robotic devices over an IP network. Using a fun live streaming IP-connected camera from PTZOptics, students will have the ability to write custom computer programs which can include live video and robust interactions with robotic IP-connected devices. Each example lesson will increase in complexity, as students progress from basic HTML into the more advanced C and C++ languages.
Course Prerequisites
This course will require the following:
A PTZOptics Camera
A computer with a text editor
A local area network
Who this course is for: Beginner robotics club members Beginner computer programmers

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