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Mini Projects in Python - Udemy Free Coupon

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Take it as a basic step for stepping forward. - Free Course


In this course some of the basic projects were explained and how to do it in Python. We made this course especially for beginners. But if are new to it then take a course . Here we explained Random Password Generator in Python , Rock Paper Scissors game in Python , Interconverter - number to it's equivalent binary , decimal , octal and hexa decimal values and finally Digital clock in Python.
Random Password Generator made using Python - random module
This project is used to generate a password according to the size of password given.
Rock Paper Scissors made in Python - using random module
This project is play Rock Paper Scissors game in a system with this code with a computer.
Interconverter - Tkinter for GUI
This project is used to get the binary number , decimal number , octal number , hexa decimal number equivalent to a given number.
Digital Clock - Tkinter for GUI
This project is used to display the digtal clock along with AM or PM.
These are the mini projects made through Python Programming Language . I hope this course make the students understand how to make a simple projects and how can they be expanded. We believe that this is very beginning step for them.
We made this course by giving our best and hope you are all enjoy it.
Who this course is for: Python Beginners who are interested in doing mini projects for their level. Students who want to explore the Python language by doing some mini projects.

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