Build your own NFT Candy Machine on the Solana Blockchain - Udemy Free Coupon

Build your own NFT Candy Machine on the Solana Blockchain - Udemy Free Coupon

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Sell your NFTs via your own Website! - Free Course


In this course, we will cover the basics such as creating Solana wallets using command line tools, installing a Phantom Wallet on your browser and airdrop SOL to a devnet wallet.
We will then see how to upload your NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain using the Metaplex suite of tools. We will also use Metaplex to verify or even modify on-chain data, namely the configuration of your NFT minting process.
With the lessons covered in this course you will also be able to develop your own User Interface in order to sell your NFT collection using your own minting website. For this part we will use the React javascript environment to create a web application that you will be able to customize easily, and reuse for all your subsequent NFT projects.
Lastly, you will get some insights on the next steps you will need to take in order to create a successful NFT project.
This includes ideas on how to make your project more value-adding for your holders, and a list of Solana NFT calendars where you should aim at getting listed in order to draw more attention to your project.
You will be able to send me messages at any point during the course if you can't get past a certain point without running into a myriad of bugs.
Who this course is for: Artists looking for ways to leverage the blockchain technology to sell their creations NFT creators looking to sell their project on their own Minting website People generally curious about NFTs and looking for a fun way to get started Blockchain enthusiasts looking for ways to market their projects to a wider audience

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