Advanced NextJS WooCommerce With REST API And TailwindCSS - Udemy Free Coupon

Advanced NextJS WooCommerce With REST API And TailwindCSS - Udemy Free Coupon

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Learn to Build A React WooCommerce Theme With REST API And TailwindCSS - Free Course


In this course, you will learn
How to create a react application with the next.js framework.
The backend will be in WordPress using WooCommerce Plugin.
The data will be fetched using REST API.
For CSS we will use TailwindCSS and we will also learn how to customize it as per our needs.
We will build:
Product Page
Add To Cart.
All the data will be dynamic fetched from WordPress.
Pages will also be cached and fresh data will also be updated on a regular basis. So that the data is never stale.
We will display all the products with their images, price, and discounts with add to cart feature.
We will take advantage of Next.js Image optimization, and Incremental Static Regeneration.
Incremental Static (Re)generation and automatic creation of New Static post pages without having to re-build next.js the application.
Gutenberg styles support
REST API endpoints.
Once you complete this course. You can avail the next part of the course - Advanced NextJS WooCommerce REST API, TailwindCSS - Part-2
It's available under my courses.

WordPress Rest API is one of the many great features WordPress offers. It enables developers to create fascinating plugins and themes and allows them to power third-party applications with WordPress CMS.
The content management system is also developed to manage the web site’s content in modern web applications. This can add an extra workload for the developers. With so many possibilities that Rest API offers, one can also think of using WordPress with React as a headless CMS for their JavaScript-based web application(s).
Who this course is for: Beginners, Advanced, Developers

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