Learn Game Design FREE - Udemy Free Coupon

Learn Game Design FREE - Udemy Free Coupon

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Beginner Game Design with the Unreal Engine! - Free Course


Do you want to get a head start into STEM, or any design and engineering field of study?
Get into Game Design and Development online, so you can learn at your own pace.
This course is dedicated to crafting game interactions from concept to finish. Learn to use the Unreal Engine, and build your own game with the unreal motion graphics tools, landscaping terrain tools, material editor tools, 3D geometry tools, and more.
Andy at Sleep In The Morning is the instructor of this course. He has built console games, STEM programs for NYC High Schools, as well as shaped and taught University courses, since 2013. Have you seen our posts about high school student sample projects?

Why should you take the course:
Familiarize with Unreal engine editor basics
Practice blueprint visual scripting basics
Make your own levels and menu to switch between them
Use level design tools such as landscaping and customizing geometry with brushes
How to make a 2D mini-game with UMG tools
In the following lectures we explore many parts of Game Design and Development. Starting with computer science fundamentals and programming foundations to create blueprints with gameplay logic and your very own behaviors. Breathe new life with physics, particles, audio and animations, all to render your environments as real as you like.
Our students:
High School STEM students
Beginner game designers
Beginner game artists
Unreal Engine developers
Game Design Teachers
Unreal Engine Teachers
Students who cannot afford high tech or tuition
Who this course is for: Beginner game designers curious about the development industry Passionate developers from any modding communities People who cannot afford high costly tuition Busy people who do not have enough time for a full course in their schedule Young High School students curious about STEM

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