Redis Stack Course: Building Superfast Full Stack App - Udemy Free Coupon

Redis Stack Course: Building Superfast Full Stack App - Udemy Free Coupon

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A Complete Guide to learn Redis Stack and Build Super Fast and Reliable applications - Free Course


Redis Stack is an extension of Redis that adds modern data models and processing engines to provide a complete developer experience.
In addition to all of the features of OSS Redis, Redis stack supports:
Queryable JSON documents
Full-text search
Time series data (ingestion & querying)
Graph data models with the Cypher query language
Probabilistic data structures

Redis Stack was created to allow developers build to real-time applications with a back end data platform that can reliably process requests in under a millisecond. Redis Stack does this by extending Redis with modern data models and data processing tools (Document, Graph, Search, and Time Series).

Redis Stack unifies and simplifies the developer experience of the leading Redis modules and the capabilities they provide. Redis Stack bundles five Redis modules: RedisJSON, RedisSearch, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisBloom.

This Crash Course will cover the overview of Redis Stack with all the components and we'll build a Full-stack application using Redis Stack Components with Spring Boot and Next js.

You are going to learn a lot in this Course. You will learn

RediSearch - Queries, secondary indexing, and full-text search for Redis
RedisJSON - JSON support for Redis
RedisTimeSeries - Ingest and query time series data with Redis
RedisGraph - A Graph database built on Redis
RedisBloom - Bloom filters and other probabilistic data structures for Redis
RedisInsight - Visualize and optimize Redis data
Spring Boot
Next JS
Rapid API

Who this course is for: For All Full Stack and Backend Developers

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