Introduction To Google Tools (Ads, Analytics, and GMB) - Udemy Free Coupon

Introduction To Google Tools (Ads, Analytics, and GMB) - Udemy Free Coupon

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You will be exposed to the wide possibilities in the use of Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Business Profile - Free Course


This course will expose you to the possibilities available in the use of Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Google Business profile for your business, you will be able to know exactly why you need these tools for your business. Google platforms allow you to relate with willing and ready users who are already searching for what you are selling or promoting. It is now up to you to know how to use these tools work and how to can maximize their advantages. I will be showing you in the course how much potential can be realized using these tools.
We will look at how much leverage you can get on Google Ads, How you can measure your user data on Google Analytics and how you can use your local presence to generate more sales and visibility.
Make sure you go through every video, I kept the videos short to keep you from getting too overwhelmed with the whole content.
This course is a beginners course, which is a prerequisite to a much comprehensive course that will help to know how to use these tools, step by step all the way.
Welcome to this course, I promise you it will be worth your time. Let's jump in.
Who this course is for: For beginners getting to know about the potentials of google tools

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