Free Oracle SQL Tutorial - Oracle SQL - A Complete Introduction - Udemy Free Coupon

Free Oracle SQL Tutorial - Oracle SQL - A Complete Introduction - Udemy Free Coupon

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Learn the basics of Oracle SQL with these easy-to-follow Oracle SQL lessons and examples. - Free Course


Learn how to use Oracle SQL from scratch, to improve your developer skills or to access an Oracle SQL database at work.
This course will teach you the basics of the SQL language on an Oracle database.
It uses video lectures to teach you Oracle SQL, covering database topics such as:
Setting up your Oracle environment Basic terminology Reading data using a SELECT statement What can be done using a SELECT statement Functions Data types Joins, set operators, subqueries Inserting, updating and deleting data Creating tables The course materials run for approximately 4 hours and are split into multiple sessions.
It's structured into various sessions and lectures, grouped by functional areas to make it easier to learn.
Why should you take this course?
There are many benefits of taking my Oracle SQL course:
You can go from absolute beginner to capable of writing Oracle SQL statements in a matter of hours Avoid paying thousands of dollars for training. You can also study in your own time! Learn from someone who actually has Oracle SQL experience (and runs a website teaching others how to use and optimise their Oracle SQL)! If you want to learn Oracle SQL from someone who has experience, then take this course.
Who this course is for: Those who have some knowledge about IT but minimal SQL knowledge University or college students Those who need to use a database at work, but don't know how

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